Daily Archives: April 18, 2017

Frog Substance Shown to Kill Human Flu Viruses

A frog found in India secretes a substance that has been shown to be highly effective at killing influenza viruses. Researchers at Emory University in Atlanta say the secreted peptide — a subunit of a protein chain — kills dozens of flu strains that plague humans. It is effective against H1 viruses, including ones that could cause pandemics.   Unlike humans, frogs don’t have an immune system that is capable of protecting them against pathogens like viruses and bacteria. But they do produce a slimy mucus that does the job …

Trump Executive Order Makes It Harder to Hire Foreign Workers

U.S. President Donald Trump on Tuesday signed an executive order aimed at making it harder for companies to hire temporary foreign workers. The order, called “Buy American — Hire American,” will take initial steps to reform the H1-B visa program. H1-Bs allow employers — mostly high-tech firms — to hire skilled foreign workers to work in the U.S. for three years. There are 85,000 slots available each year, 65,000 for applicants with bachelor’s degrees and 20,000 for those with master’s degrees or higher. “We are going to use a tool …

Trump Administration Seeks Tougher Stance On Buy & Hire American

The Trump Administration says it is time for tougher enforcement of rules governing hiring certain foreign workers in the United States, and to review laws requiring U.S. government agencies to use American-made products. The president is scheduled to sign an executive order regarding “Buy American/Hire American” rules on Tuesday. In a briefing for journalists, senior administration officials said lax enforcement and numerous legal loopholes mean American workers and companies lose jobs and business to foreign competition, which hurts the U.S. economy. Government agencies are being directed to review their procurement …

Experts Say More Retail Store Closings in Future

Retail sales were weaker than expected in both March and February, after government data showed the worst two-month performance for the retail sector in two years. US Census data suggest the weakness was the result of lower fuel prices and reduced auto profits. But retail experts say the industry itself is changing, driven by technological and demographic change. … From: MeNeedIt

Scientists Speak Out and March for Science

Scientists like to let the facts speak for themselves. But with the Trump administration’s embrace of what advisor Kellyanne Conway called “alternative facts,” many scientists feel it’s time to speak up. An unprecedented March for Science is planned for April 22 and in more than 500 cities around the world. … From: MeNeedIt

Cataloguing Traditional Medicine, One Plant at a Time

Traditional Chinese medicines like acupuncture, whether they work or not, are gaining fans outside of China. And there is some scientific evidence to support the idea that natural compounds can have a restorative effective. But with popularity of Chinese herbal medicine on the rise, there is also a higher chance of fraud – and increasing pressure on the plants in the wild. … From: MeNeedIt

Boston Bombing Survivor Becomes Motivational Speaker

Monday marked the 121st running of the annual Boston Marathon. But wounds stemming from the 2013 bombings are still open. Four years after the event, Rebekah Gregory, who lost a leg in the attack, is back in the city to launch her memoir. It’s called Taking My Life Back. … From: MeNeedIt